WhatsApp Update allows GIFs and Videos

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WhatsApp Update allows GIFs and Videos

Whatsapp update,Compared to other email applications, WhatsApp has been slow to allow its one billion customers to send GIFs to each other.In November 2016, the company Facebook allowed everyone on iOS to send and search the preferred file format of the Internet – this inclusion was after the Added GIF for Android users. Just a few days later, the app added the search function as well as send them to iOS. To do this, you must have at least Version 2.16.16 of the iOS application. Before adding the search function, version 2.16.15 of the e-mail application included the ability to send and receive animated GIFs,Turn your videos into GIF (provided the clip is six seconds or less) and send Live Photos as animated GIFs.Now, WhatsApp improves the GIF offering by letting its users search and send Giphy GIFs on Android.

How to search for GIFs on Android

Taking advantage of the power of Giphy, Android users are able to send a wide variety of moving images. Android v2.17.6 beta allows users The operating system searches and sends GIF files from the Web site archives. It should be noted that the feature is in beta and it is not clear when it will deploy more widely.As a result, some users may not yet be able to see the tool.According to The Next Web if you press the emoji button next to the text inpyt area on Android and flick to the GIF section of the search will be available.

How to send GIFs to WhatsApp

To search, then send a GIF, click the ‘+’ button, select Photo & Video Library and your camera roll should appear. As part of the latest update, a small The magnifying glass is now displayed at the bottom left with the word “GIF”. Select this option and GIF lines will appear. You can browse or search for a Special animation.

Whatsapp update-Tech 365 Days


Select the GIF file you want to send and underneath you will see a row of icons including SMS, e-mail, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Press the three Points at the end of this row of icons to see the link and share icons. Click Share, select WhatsApp, choose your recipient and press Send.

How to convert video to GIF on WhatsApp


Open the WhatsApp chat that you want to use to send the GIF.Click the “+” sign at the bottom left and go to Photo & Video Library and select a video.Cut the clip to the desired length, annotate, doodle or crop the video using the tools in the upper right corner, then toggle the blue icon to GIF. This willGenerate your GIF and you can send it in the traditional way.

If you have configured it so that photos and videos shared on WhatsApp are saved on your camera, any GIF files you create and share will be saved. You can also Press and hold a shared GIF to save it to your phone. You can also transfer shared GIFs to other WhatsApp contacts from this menu.

whatsapp updates-tech 365 days

Facebook added GIF support in May last year, with Twitter following next in February.


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