Pokemon Go update: all news and rumors for what comes next

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 Pokemon Go update

Pokemon Go update,The shiny Pokémon have finally landed in Pokemon Go. Ok, there are only two of them so far, but they are the golden shining Magikarp and his super cool evolution the gyarados red shiny Seen in the lake of rage in the Gold, Silver and Crystal mainline games.The brilliant Pokemon are rare and you will not be able to tell if the Magikarp or Gyarados you are encountering is brilliant until you enter a battle sequence with it but now you at least know it is a possibility.There has not really been an official announcement from Niantic that these Pokemon have been added to the game but the screenshots of the users were popping up online after the last update of the game started a Festival event some water.

The Water Festival will run from March 22 to March 29 and will bring more Pokemon water as well as an elegant Magikarp hat into the game for this limited time.Pokémon Go has been out for over six months, and although the app has made great progress in this period – remember the instability of the servers when launched – there is still much work to be done.Some of these features are those that Niantic developer talked about before the release of the game, while others have been promised since the release of the game.One feature in particular, the “close” feature, is something that Niantic removed from the game to reduce the load on its servers, and took months to be deployed globally. Now that it came out, though, what’s coming?

pokeman go update-tech 365 days

Without further ado, here is our guide for every new update rumors as well as the promises promised
by Niantic so far.

Pokémon Go rumors

The expansion in the 2nd generation Johto Pokemon region was the first of three major upgrades planned for this year according to Niantic CEO John Hanke.In a speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Hanke said there would be three major updates to the game later in 2017, although it does not reveal exactly what they will be.

pokeman go update-tech 365 days

Here’s what we’ve already heard about the Pokémon Go updates that Hanke can allude to.


Trading was a key element in the original games, but it remained absent from Pokémon Go despite repeated assurances that functionality is on its way.In the beta, trading was a local affair only, which means you could not trade with players on the Internet, and Niantic has now confirmed that this will be the case for when it starts in the basic game.Tatsuo Nomura, product manager at Niantic, told Polygon trading “will not be through the Internet” when it launches.

pokeman go update-tech 365 days

We can not wait for the trade to make its way into the game. It always feels like a little waste by transferring rare Pokémon simply because they are a double, and it will be great power to put them to use.

Player-vs-player battling:

Another feature that has been rumored for a while is to fight between players.

As it stands now the only fighting feature in the game is between players and opposite gyms but since before the release of the Niantic game was promising that PvP battling is coming and CEO John Hanke has confirmed that he is in works.

Legendary monsters:

pokeman go update-tech 365 days

Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that the company plans to bring the legendary Pokémon into play by the end of 2017.Exactly when we see Zapdos, Articuno,Moltres, Mew and MewTwo is not clear.There is no word on what the legendary monsters will be released on the world in Pokemon Go, but we expect it to be the list above as these are the first

Commercial partnerships

When Pokémon Go lived up to its popularity, commercial places that happened to be also PokéStops or gyms sometimes found  An increase in the number of customers they attract. At the very least, they had something that attracted them.It is therefore not surprising that rumors have emerged that Niantic was considering associating with McDonalds who would see fast food companies Many channels become Poke Locations in which customers would be able to access exclusive content in the application.

This rumor has not really happened to anything, but the recently disclosed internal memos indicate another partnership, this time between Niantic and Starbucks. The memos, which were intended for Starbucks employees only, suggest that the partnership will see the majority of branches American Starbucks become PokéStops or Gyms and that when players are in a Starbucks location they will have the chance to unlock a Limited edition Pokémon Go About Frappucino. Even if customers who have not unlocked the drink in the game will still be able to buy it.

The disclosed note indicates that the promotion is scheduled to begin December 8th and that Starbucks hopes this will encourage more customers to visit  And “increase the number of transactions.” The most interesting part of the note, however, is that it indicates that this partnership will see the introduction of a whole New Pokémon in the game. There is no information on what this Pokémon will be or if it will only appear in Starbucks sites
Thus speculation is widespread.

He did feel slightly off that a game that claimed his intention was to encourage people to explore the cultural places where they live is now try To attract them to corporate sites instead. However, it is early to judge and only time will tell how these business partnerships will play and if so  Or not they will be good for the player.

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