Pinterest Breaking down the most pinned foods in cities around the world

Pinterest Breaking down the most pinned foods in cities around the world-Tech365days

Pinterest Breaking down the most pinned foods The pins of Pinterest are everything to do, the French toasts enjoy a revival in London, paleo breakfasts are still in fashion in the United States, and the current cuisine among Parisians is coriander, chicken lime .
After locating the most popular food pins, Pinterest analysts have traced the most trendy dishes in cities around the world, looking at how the taste buds are evolving, and what dishes have their moment in culinary spotlights.
For example, in London, where breakfast is being recast as a legitimate meal of the day deserving its own dedicated restaurants and serious cuisine, locals discover the creative possibilities of soaking sour bread in a creamy, Egg, slap it in butter, maple syrup and assortment of toppings.

Pinterest Breaking down pinned foods
On Pinterest, the French toasts are cut into sticks, stuffed with cream cheese, rolled, and wrapped around sausages.It is transformed into breakfast desserts, with some creative touches that result in red velvet, foster banana, pecan pie, donut and blueberry cake tartare.In the United States, meanwhile, the popularity of the paleo diet shows no signs of decline with paleo breakfasts among the most popular Pinterest pins.One of the most popular posts? A paleo breakfast casserole made with meat, Brussels sprouts, eggs, sweet potatoes, onions and coconut milk.And in France, the exotic flavors of Thailand and Vietnam have been tickling the taste buds of Parisians, who have shared recipes for coriander, lime chicken in pieces recently – a dish that is described as a comfort food And easy to do.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular foods among the 150 million Pinterest users in the world:

Paris: Cilantro, lime chicken
Lyon: Roast chicken
Austin: Paleo breakfast
Chicago: Orzo
Berlin: Caribbean chicken
Munich: Chicken fried rice
Sydney: Spaghetti squash
Melbourne: Donuts
Rio de Janeiro: Waffles
Sao Paulo: Stuffed bell peppers
Barcelona: Cheese Danishes
Madrid: Chicken tortilla soup
Mexico: Potato skins
Guadalajara: Kale salads
London: French toast
Glasgow: Pork chops

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