Android O: Is this the list of Oreo features that we will see on Google I / O 2017?


Android O: Is this the list of Oreo features that we will see on Google I / O 2017?

Android O features,With Android Nougat comfortably installed in a bunch of different smartphones, with Google’s annual I / O conference at just two months, all eyes in the mobileWorld now turn to what Google has planned for the next review of Android. Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer pointed out the code name of Android O that boots with a Buttery biscuit Oreo base, but little has even been hinted at yet.However, sources talking to 9to5Google have let slip a few rumors features that we can Now expect to see coming the anticipated unveiling of the update.

Potential features of Android O :

This is a fairly long list of items, and none of this is confirmed or complete, but if we just go over the rumors, there is a distinct lack of a title to match the last The year that Google Assistant was launched.

New features include:

Picture in picture mode: As we already see on the iPad and some custom third-party launchers, as well as the Google Android platform for television, this would leave you Have an application (or application function, such as a video player) remain open and on top of another aircraft app.

Android O features-Tech365Days

App icon badges: On oldie that hit Around years on iOS and some third party launchers, this would bring in a blink of bubbles number of notifications waiting on the application icons on the home screen,Android functionality native.

Restricted background activities: an energy-saving feature, this would de-prioritize the application’s functions running in the background, easier on Your battery at the possible charge of having to reload some features of the application that would otherwise have been tic-tac on in the background.

Notifications: A vague suggestion that new types of notification could be made to Android, or that their current display mode would change.

Smart selection: perhaps the most interesting and potentially useful feature, this integrates with the Google Wizard to analyze the text of the application, preventively Highlighting important information (such as phone numbers and addresses) to facilitate copying and pasting between applications and text input fields.

Adaptive app icons: As the name suggests, this would allow application icons to dynamically change on home screens. As a rough example, think of a calendar application icon that Changed to show the appropriate date on a daily basis.All this adds to new undisclosed features that will make Android more relevant and attractive for e
Nterprise. For now, take the list of A pinch of salt until complete confirmation, but there is nothing here that sounds massively beyond the realms of possibility.

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